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Villmarkskamera - HD 12Mpixel

Varenr : V5210A
Villmarkskamera - HD 12Mpixel
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Kr.1.999,- Inkl.MVA
(Kr.1.599,- Eksl.MVA)


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Produktdetaljer Villmarkskamera - HD 12Mpixel (Varenr: V5210A)

This HD infrared DVR wildlife camera is ideal for capturing shots of wildlife, fly-tipping, vandalism or any sort of covert surveillance in remote areas where mains power is not practical.

The wildlife camera takes 4 AA batteries (8 with external power pack) and has a super low standby current (0.3mA) giving an incredible 3 months standby battery life (dependant upon activity) and an Ultrafast trigger of only 1 second.

The wildlife DVR has a motion detection & infrared with no flash to disturb the animals or alert the trespassers / fly-tippers etc. It can take date & time stamped 12MP digital stills WITH full colour VGA video simultaneously and store the data on an SD card (not included). You can then view the images via your TV (using a AV lead) or PC (using a USB cable). It also has a time lapse function that can take a still from a time period between 1 second and 24 hours.


  • Video Resolution - VGA 640 x 480
  • SD card slot - max 16GB
  • Utrafast trigger - 1 second
  • Long life battery - 3 months
  • 2.5 inch colour LCD screen with ZOOM function
  • Motion triggered and adjustable PIR sensitivity
  • Time lapse function - 1 sec to 24 hr gap
  • Auto-switch colour Images in day / B & W night images
  • Multi-shot of 1 or 3 pictures
  • Dual simultaneous video and stills mode
  • Programmable video length
  • Programmable 10secs to 990secs delay between triggers
  • “No Flash” uses 24 infrared LEDs to illuminate the coverage area
  • Water proof housing
  • Date and time stamp on each picture
  • Power jack for external DC 12V input
  • Dimensions 125 x 80 x 50 mm

The long battery life means you can just go back to the camera every now and again to change the SD card without having to replace the batteries. There is a battery indicator on the 2.5 inch colour LCD screen that will let you know when the battery is running low.

The product comes with a strap which is ideal for mounting the camera on a tree or post etc, as well as a "lock hole" for attaching a padlock to give extra security should you think it necessary.

Each weather-resistant unit takes colour images during the day and B & W picture at night. Its 24 built-in IR LEDs, which together provide a 25m viewing range, automatically turn on in low light conditions. Each model has motion triggered sensors with adjustable PIR sensitivity.

Ideal as a hunting camera, trail camera, scouting camera or deer camera.


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