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3.6" Trådløst Farge Ryggesystem

Varenr : SP8909AZ
3.6\" Trådløst Farge Ryggesystem
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Kr.1.249,- Inkl.MVA
(Kr.999,- Eksl.MVA)


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Produktdetaljer 3.6" Trådløst Farge Ryggesystem (Varenr: SP8909AZ)

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Brief Instruction:
The wireless car rear view CMOS color camera, when used as described, will give you years of dependable service in your car, truck, RV, or mini-van. We have taken numerous measures in quality control to ensure that your product arrives in top condition, and will perform to your satisfaction.
The camera is equipped with reverse voltage protection. It can be wired directly to the reverse light wires to the exposed reverse light wires.

Camera Parameter:

Imaging Sensor:   CMOS
Total Pixels:   720 x 480 (PAL)/724 x 576 (NTSC)
Horizontal View Angle:   80 Degree
Transmission Frequency:   ISM 2,400~2,483MHz
Transmission Power:   2mW/FCC, 10wm/CE
Minimum Illumination:   0 Lux (IR ON)
IR Night Range:   4m
Modulation Type:   FM
Bandwidth:   18MHz
Power Supply:   +12/+24 DC
Consumption Current (Max.):   130mA
Operating Temperature:   -20°C~+60°C / -4°F~+140°F

Receiver Parameter:

LCD Screen Type:   3.6" TFT-LCD
Transmission Frequency:   ISM 2,400~2,483MHz
Effective Pixels:   960 x 240
Video System:   NTSC/PAL
Color Configuration:   RGB Delta
Unobstructed Effective Range (Min.):   50m
Received Sensitivity:  
Consumption Current (Max.):   250mA
Power Supply Voltage:   +12/+24V DC
Operating Temperature:   -10°C~+50°C / +14°F~+122°F
Operating Humidity (Max.):   85%RH
1. Wireless color video transmission.
2. TFT-LCD monitor.
3. Wide angle viewing.
4. Monitor with four angle viewing switch (normal, reverse, inverted reverse).
5. Adapted with +12V/+24V DC.
6. Easy installation for DIY usage.
7. Great for cars, SUVs, RVs and delivery vehicles.
8. Helps avoid accidents and injuries.
9. Channel frequency: CH1=2,414MHz; CH2=2,432MHz; CH3=2,450MHz; CH4=2,468MHz.
Testing The System:
1. Re-attach the vehicle's negative battery cable.
2. Engage the parking brake and turn the ignition key to the ON position. DO NOT start the vehicle. Put the gear shift into reverse.
3. The camera will start broadcasting, and the DVD monitor will detect the signal and turn itself ON. If the DVD monitor does not come ON, press the ON/OFF button.
4. When you take the gear shift out of reverse the camera will on OFF, and the monitor will turn black.
5. After testing the unit, fully tighten the license plate bolts.
6. Route all wire behind interior panels or under carpeting so they are hidden.
7. Use supplied cable ties to neatly gather any excess wire.
8. Keep camera lens and monitor clean to ensure optimum picture quality.
1. Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with household waste. Please recycle where facilities exist. Check with your local authority or retailer for recycling advice.
2. When you install the camera, please make sure the Red wire is connected to positive (+) and the Black wire is connected to Negative (-).
3. Temporarily place the monitor stand in the location that you have chosen.
4. If you are using the supplied monitor Wiring Harness, route the power cable to the vehicle's fuse box. If you are using the 12V adapter, route the power cable to the vehicle's cigarette lighter socket/12V power outlet. The cable must not interface with the safe operation of the vehicle.
5. The apparatus shall not be exposed to dropping or splashing and that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.
6. Turn off the Camera/ Receiver if the system is not in use.
7. The adapter is used as the disconnect device from the mains. The adapter shall remain readily operable.
8. The Camera/Receiver can only be completely disconnected from the mains by unplug the adapter.
9. Do not cut the DC power cable of the apparatus to fit with another power source.
10. Attention should be drawn to the environment aspects of battery disposal.
Item Includes:

1 x 2.4GHz Wireless Car Rear View CMOS Color Camera

1 x 2.4GHz Wireless TFT-LCD Monitor
1 x Mount Holder
1 x +12/+24 Volt Car Power Adapter
1 x Monitor Writing Harness
1 x Wedge Shaped Mounting Shims
1 x Special Holder
1 x Hook & Loop Style Fastener
1 x Grommet
1 x Special Holder Cover
1 x Cable Ties
1 x Sheet Metal Screw
1 x License Plate Screw
1 x License Plate Nuts & Bolts

1 x In-Line Wire Connectors

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